Master the art of eyebrow tattooing: Our comprehensive in person training will take you from aspiring to expert!

If you are seeking a training journey that focuses on ensuring you can confidently and successfully begin in this business, a “no stone left unturned” approach, and committed on-going support then we’re ready to get you there!

Our training is tailored to your individual needs. Whether you have completed previous tattoo training, are transitioning from the beauty industry, or have no experience at all, we’ll create a training program that’s perfect for you.

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About Our Training:

When you begin your educational journey with Feather and Lace Cosmetic Tattoo, you can expect to learn not only the fundamentals of cosmetic tattooing but the foundational skills required to provide services and run your business to an elevated standard.

This involves covering topics like skin anatomy, hygiene and safety, a breakdown of the tools we work with, ingredient knowledge, best consultation and communication practices and much more theory work.

We also include extensive practical exercises such as guided work on latex (skin-like material) to develop confidence and provide evaluation and feedback before commencing live models.

Your training will ensure plenty of hands-on work with supervised models including their required 4-6 week touch-up treatments – these treatments will be a crucial part of your training program (which is often not included in shorter course formats). This ensures you receive guidance and feedback on healed results and how to complete a full service.

This could mean your training schedule is more like 6-8 weeks, not 1-5 days. Often what is lacking in shorter training courses is long-term education and feedback. This is critical for you to be able to provide a complete treatment to your future clients, as your healed results are what really count! How can a trainer determine your ability to perform the treatment in full without seeing and guiding you on your healed results? You will be constantly learning and improving over an extended period and as you come up against new challenges (difficult skin, colour corrections, premature fading) ongoing support is a must in your growth as an artist.

About your trainer:

Kate has been in the beauty industry for 14 years and has operated a successful cosmetic tattoo business for 6 years. Kate believes in a customer-focused inclusivity that treats all clients with respect and kindness. Kate has been lucky to look after 100s of beautiful women (and men) and is thankful for over 100 five-star reviews on Google. Kate wants to help inspire new industry professionals to provide exceptional services.

“My philosophy for training is that it takes time to learn this craft. You need to be armed with more than just the basics to thrive in this industry. More often than not I have heard from deflated students who enrolled in “cash grab” style training courses,  they feel terrified and lost once the short 2-5 day course is over. Their trainer is impossible to contact for follow-up support and the student is left disheartened and has now lost a huge investment of usually thousands of dollars. My main priority with the training mentorships I offer is to completely resolve this major flaw in the industry.”

Kate has provided 1 on 1 training to her students who are now successful members of the industry, women she now proudly describes as her colleagues and friends.

Kate Novello

Student Testimonials

Anna C

Having previous experience in the beauty industry and a real interest in brow shaping led me to investing in cosmetic tattoo training. I wanted to advance my skills and add a new service to my studio menu. I did tons of research into courses but most seemed like only a few days and not 1:1, which made me extremely nervous.

The price of these courses were still very exy and I considered what would happen if I felt lost at the end but had spent all that money. Then I found Kate – she offered something no one else did which was long term follow up training to complete my models touch ups and refresh my knowledge. This gave me the confidence to go for it and I’m so happy I did.

I found the initial training days gave me everything I needed to start and perform the treatments solo. She was also happy to answer questions outside of the training days and is always available for support via text or video chat. I then returned to complete my models touch ups a couple of months later – completely guided by Kate and learned the advanced information I was ready for. There is no better way to learn and I now confidently offer these treatments in my salon.

Alana C

Kate really helped me get my confidence back after a bad experience training elsewhere – after a few days in a large group setting I was left feeling overwhelmed and disappointed with lack of information and support. I had invested big $ to further my beauty career and the trainer was never to be heard from again! Even when I sent emails to find out what colours were used on my models – she ghosted me.

I couldn’t believe it was all a waste, but I knew Kate from my previous job as a beauty therapist. She had managed the salon that I worked for and had always been lovely and approachable so I reached out to ask for her help. I knew she had been running her own cosmetic tattooing business for many years now and would have the answers I was looking for. She was more than happy to expand on my training and work with me on some models to get me feeling ready to perform these treatments confidently.

It was so amazing to know that not all training is vague and there are trainers like Kate that are passionate about their students. I can’t thank her enough for her dedication and encouragement.

Kyara J

I was keen to take the leap into the cosmetic tattooing industry and start my own business. Being a mum of 3, I wanted to have the flexibility of setting my own hours and the earning potential of these services was appealing to me. I had no previous background in beauty so it was daunting to say the least. I knew I would need quite in depth training to get established.

Kate offered just that, with ongoing mentorship – even helping me with so much advice when looking for and licensing a space to operate from. Nothing was off limits, she was really passionate about giving me all the tools to succeed. She was so friendly and professional – even when I worked on my first model (1 on 1) and was sooo nervous she was so encouraging and attentive.

I would highly recommend training with Feather and lace to anyone – even if you have zero previous beauty experience, Kate will make sure you are ready to succeed!

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How long will the training take?

What separates our training from other providers is a significantly longer learning period. We don’t believe you can cram the required theory and practical skills into a couple of days, and especially not as a 1 of 15 students in a seminar room. Your training will be tailored to your specific needs but you can expect:

  • 2-3 days of theory
  • 2-3 days of practice on latex
  • 1 day of live model demonstrations performed by your trainer
  • 2 or more days of live model hands-on practice
  • 2 or more days of live model touchups 4-6 weeks later
  • 1 day of recap
  • additional practical/theory as required

How much does training cost?

Our training is tailored to your specific requirements, so the price will vary. The price will be between $5,000-$12,500 for training and mentorship over 4-8 weeks. Our prices include:

  • In-person training
  • Digital and physical learning resources
  • Lifetime ongoing support (contact us anytime – ask questions as you progress)

What career pathways are available in cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing is a varied field of work that has many different pathways for motivated artists. Whilst eyebrow tattooing has proven the most popular with customers, there is also eyeliner, lips, scalp and medical tattooing. This gives an artist a lot of freedom to pursue their particular interests. 

At the moment in the industry, there are very few employers for artists looking for permanent or part-time roles. The industry is largely dominated by sole traders. We may see this changing in the future but it is something to keep in mind if you are pursuing employment in the industry.

What are the education requirements for Cosmetic Tattooing?

Currently, in Australia, there are no regulated training requirements to become a cosmetic tattooist. That means you only need to be competent to perform the treatment, have a hygiene certification and your place of business is licensed. Accredited training courses have been created in the last few years but at this point, an accredited course is not required. It will be important to keep an eye on regulations in the future to make sure you are still providing a legal service.

Whilst you don’t require accredited certification, I believe there is an ethical responsibility for artists to be appropriately trained to perform the treatment safely and to a level expected by our clients. The problem with no accredited course is that training providers can vary greatly in their inclusions and standards of competency in training. You will need to be careful in finding a trainer that can provide quality training.

Is Eyebrow tattooing the right industry for me?

Are you artistically inclined? Good at drawing or makeup. 

Have an eye for detail

Have a background in beauty or art 

Are you task-focused and have patience for detailed tasks

Are you good at communicating? The ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of people is critical to your success as a cosmetic tattooist.

Are you prepared to run your own business? There are limited employment opportunities in the cosmetic tattoo industry. Most artists are operating as sole traders.

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