What do I need to know before getting a lip tattoo?

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Lip tattooing is the latest beauty trend to subtly enhance your lip shape and colour without the use of injectable fillers. The skin on your lips is delicate so it’s important to research this treatment prior to getting a lip tattoo to protect your pout against unwanted side affects.

Lip tattooing has been re-imagined to fit the modern day desires of women wanting to subtly enhance the natural colour of their lips. Lip Blushing is a technique designed to create a soft, kissable wash of colour that restores fullness and shape to the lips. This treatment when performed by an experienced technician is very gentle and has minimal downtime of around 3-5 days.

There are a few “need to know” tips to prepare your lips for this treatment that will ensure beautiful results.

Dry/chapped lips, a no-no!

It’s not possible to perform a lip tattooing treatment on dry/chapped or sun burnt lips. The skin on our lips is already a sensitive area and if they aren’t in good condition prior to your appointment we cannot proceed with the treatment. Ensure your lips are smooth and hydrated before your appointment by gently exfoliating any dead skin build up a few days prior to your appointment (a sugar scrub or gentle rub with a face cloth is great for this) and use a nourishing lip balm with SPF regularly.

close-up-photo-of-woman-with-pink lipstick

Do you suffer from cold sores?

Clients that carry the cold sore virus (even if you haven’t had a breakout for years) need to take preventative measures to ensure they don’t experience a cold sore outbreak following a lip tattoo. Lip tattooing is extremely stimulating to the lip area and will almost certainly cause a cold sore flare up without anti-viral treatment.

Fear not, you are still eligible to have this treatment and there are very convenient ways to minimise the chances of a cold sore occurring from a lip tattoo. It is always advised that you discuss these options in detail with a pharmacist or GP a week or 2 prior to your appointment. We suggest asking about an over the counter medication “Famvir”. You don’t need a prescription for this and it can be very effective if taken at least 2 days prior to your lip tattoo treatment. We have listed the facts sheet for this medicine below however always follow the advice of a pharmacist or GP before commencing any medication.

Famvir (cold sore) facts sheet

For smokers…

Smoking in the initial days of healing, directly following a lip tattoo will cause unwanted discolouration and may also increase your chances of infection. It’s important to commit to temporarily quit cigarettes for at least 3 days following a lip tattoo treatment to assist the healing process and ensure desired results. Nicotine replacement patches may help you through but if you can’t see yourself holding out for this amount of time you may not be a suitable candidate for a lip tattoo.


Lip tattooing can look amazing and help to restore fullness, symmetry, and flattering colour to thin, uneven or ageing lips. To achieve the best results consider the tips above and your lip tattoo will be well worth the investment.

– K

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