Our Signature Eyebrow Service – The Inclusions That Make us Stand Out!

before and after eyebrow tattoo

If you’re reading this article, you probably can’t help scouring the internet before making any big life decision. Choosing an artist to tattoo your face is one of those decisions. You’ve come to the right place because below is everything you need to know about our Signature Eyebrow Service from start to finish. The process, the benefits and why you should choose us.

Step 1 Design

Your initial brow design involves creating your ideal shape and choosing a personalised colour. 

We have a selection of shades suited to all skin tones and hair colours – Yes even blondes! We will swatch a few shades on your skin and involve you in selecting the perfect colour. Our pigments are of the highest quality and suitable for sensitive skin. They are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. 


Your eyebrows are then expertly measured to ensure balance, proportion and symmetry. Every face is unique and so are your eyebrows!  We create a personalised brow shape that compliments your features. We always check this design sitting up and ask for your feedback before beginning any tattooing. We consider this design process the most important step in creating your perfect brows.

STEP 2 Create

The creation of Feather and Lace Signature Brows takes approximately 2.5 hours. We always allow plenty of time to discuss, design and perfect your dream eyebrows.

Your treatment takes place in a purpose-built clinic room within a professional salon environment. We pride ourselves on our hygiene practices and use sterile and disposable equipment for every treatment.


Your Signature Eyebrow Service involves a thorough consultation, topical anaesthetic and a gentle cleanse of the eye area. We also treat you to a firming eye treatment and a luxurious scalp massage to help melt the nerves away. Have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your procedure is both safe and comfortable!

STEP 3 Refine

In the week following your first appointment, your therapist will personally contact you to check-in. We encourage open communication with our clients so feel free to ask any questions that may arise.  This personable approach provides reassurance and peace of mind along the way. 

The healed results following your first appointment can vary depending on many factors. It is important to see your therapist again for a Touch-up session 4-6 weeks later


This second session allows us to perfect your tattoo, making any adjustments required to shape, thickness and colour. Even if you are completely satisfied with your tattoo after 1 session, we still ask for you to attend your Touch-up Appointment. This is so that your therapist can approve your healed results in person. 

Some cosmetic tattooists charge separately for touch-up appointments. We believe a touch-up appointment is essential to perfect your result. Feather and Lace provide this complimentary with every Signature Eyebrow Service.

Step 4 Care 

Feather and Lace Cosmetic Tattoo provides detailed aftercare instructions. You will be given this following both your initial and touch up appointments to ensure you achieve the best results. It is very important to follow these instructions carefully. We can tell if a client has not followed their aftercare during the healing process as pigment retention can be dramatically affected.


Image of woman applying skin care

You have invested in your eyebrow tattoo, so please take the time to care for them correctly. We provide everything you need in your aftercare kit including – antiseptic healing balm, personal care disposables, aftercare instruction card, and even a surprise gift. We make sure you’re aftercare is easy to follow and complete.  Here’s what to expect following an eyebrow tattooing procedure read our article here.

Long term care of your eyebrow tattoo is also important and can dramatically affect how long it can last. For more information read our article here.

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